The heart of our program is the relationship we build with each child and the brain of our operation includes the program activities that structure every child’s experience in our Clubhouses.  In creating simulating and structured program activities, our program team starts with a whole-child approach. We focus on three overarching types of activities with the intent to promote positive development in each area:

Academic Success

Our Education and Career Development programs extend the learning day and develop our members’ academic proficiency, ensuring that our members are on track to graduate and ready for college, trade school, military or employment.

Good Character & Leadership

Our Character & Leadership Development programs develop and strengthen behavioral and social competency of youth, ensuring that members are involved in their community, register to vote and model strong moral character.

Healthy Lifestyles

Our Health & Life Skills programs develop and strengthen health knowledge and physical/motor competency of youth, ensuring that all members will adopt healthy diets, practice healthy lifestyle choices and make a lifetime commitment to fitness.