Numbers that Count

  • 100% of our youth set SMART goals for themselves
  • 90% of teen members, who are not high-school seniors, reported that they plan to graduate from high school and attend college or a vocational program 
  • 83% of youth feel safe in our programs
  • 75% of members improved their homework consistency/completion


Shenali, our Club’s 2015 Youth of the Year, is an outgoing, charismatic, respectful and caring 17 year-old. She has been a part of the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club for 10 years. After graduating high school she hopes to attend Stanford University to study Psychology or Criminology. Her hopes for the future are to become a CSI Detective.  


Jacob* is a very talented special needs 7th grader. When his father brought Jacob and his sister to the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club, he was just trying to find a safe place for his kids to be after-school. Middle school can be challenging for Jacob, as his disability makes him the target of bullying and rejection. The staff at the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club has helped Jacob manage his disabilities so that he is not targeted by bullies. Our staff works to create a bully free culture at Jacob’s school, as well as provide Jacob with opportunities to make friends with classmates in a supportive and understanding environment. These friendships have carried over into school and the Club and allow Jacob to be accepted as an equal. The Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club continues to provide a positive and safe space for Jacob to pursue his goals of becoming a better saxophonist on his school’s Jazz band. Everyday his father thanks our staff for the impact they have made on Jacob and his self-confidence. “I am so grateful for the staff and Club for providing Jacob with a special place where he can be himself.”


When *Marissa joined the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club she was going through a difficult time. Her mother and father have been fighting for custody over Marissa, and her relationship with her mother has been deteriorating. On several occasions emotions ran extremely heavy and it became clear that she needed more support at the Club. There was one incident however, that stands out. One day, Marissa showed up very late to the Club, explaining that she just had a big argument with her mother and when she asked to be taken back to her father’s house, her mother refused. Marissa’s father took action and called the CHP to track down the car. “There was only one place I wanted to be after this horrible day, and that is why I am here, I feel at home when I’m at the Club.” Today, Marissa is very active in many of our programs and we are very excited to continue to watch her grow and blossom here at the Club!


*Children’s names have been changed to provide for their safety.